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Free Shipping for Orders Over $199!*

Clouded Leopard by Safari Ltd

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  • Recommended for Ages 3+
  • Non toxic and BPA Free
  • Clouded Leopard is part of the Safari wild life collection.
  • Durable for imaginative play
  • Approximate measurements: 4.75in L x 1.5in H x 1in W

The Clouded Leopard is a smaller relative of the “big cats”. Native to Southeast Asia, this feline’s coat features large blotchy markings instead of the smaller “rosette” shaped spots of its cousin the Leopard.

  • History: The Clouded Leopard, though it is not one of the “big cats” of the genus Panthera, is a member of a closely related genus and serves as a kind of evolutionary bridge between Panthera and the smaller cat species like lynxes, cougars, and cheetahs. Despite their small size, these cats have abnormally large canine teeth, which can be as large as those of the Tiger, a cat that can be up to seven times bigger than the Clouded Leopard. Little is known about this cat’s habits or diet, as it is mostly nocturnal (active at night) and difficult to observe.
  • Scientific Name: Neofelis nebulosa
  • Characteristics: This wild cat figure is posed in a walking stance, perhaps prowling through the forests at the base of the Himalayas, in search of prey.
  • Size: Measuring 5 inches long and 1 ¾ inches tall, this figure is painted with the distinctive Clouded Leopard pattern: a “dotted line” of black broken stripes down its back, the large “cloudy” blotches on the side that give the species its common name, and black spots along its tail, underside, and legs.
  • The Clouded Leopard is part of the Wild Safari® Wildlife collection.
  • Non-toxic and BPA free