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Free Shipping for Orders Over $199!*

(B&D) Mack Granite Liebherr Crane Truck 26" long - Damaged Box

SKU 2818-Q
Original price $134.99
Original price $134.99 - Original price $134.99
Original price $134.99
Current price $121.00
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Current price $121.00

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  • Reduced in price - The box is damaged, but the truck is fine.  Damage not shown.
  • Bent & Dent (B&D) items are sold as-is and are not returnable or refundable


Driver's cab:
· tilting hood, providing a view of the engine block
· folding outside mirrors
· front and rear screen made of transparent and unbreakable polycarbonate
· doors can be opened
· front panel, hood ornament, rear-view mirrors, exhaust pipe, roof lights, fanfares and radiator grill with chrome look

Upper body:
· four support legs can be swung out and adjusted to any height
· counterweight can be fixed with holding bracket
· counterweight can be filled with sand or gravel
· crane body can be turned through 360°
· height of crane boom can be adjusted using adjusting knob gear system
· crane boom can be extended as one piece with adjusting knob and locking mechanism
· crane boom can be extended with crane boom tip attached to the side
· fully functional cable reel drive with specially developed overload protection
· cab glass made of transparent and unbreakable polycarbonate
· sliding door with snap-in function
· profiled tires


The impressive Liebherr crane truck literally towers above the BRUDER range of utility vehicles. When the telescopic length is extended, the crane truck is already of considerable height and can be extended even further with an additional boom. Our small customers will be impressed because when the crane boom is at full length with the additional attachment and fully raised, it is 1.3 m high and will tower above some of the little builders. Given the size, it must naturally also be stable. A high level of stability to prevent the crane truck tipping over is achieved with the swivelling and individually-adjustable support legs of the vehicle platform. For even greater stability, the installed counterweight can be used – just like an original crane. To ensure it is heavy enough, it can be filled with sand. BRUDER's slogan `multifunctional´ is particularly evident in this model. A newly devel-oped cable winch with a locking device and overload protection make it very easy to get to grips with the crane hook, even when lifting and lowering large parts. Our love of detail extends to the crane operator's cab too. Just like the original, it has a pane protection frame and a sliding door which opens. A tool compartment integrated into the platform completes the many functions of the crane.
The Mack cab is just as impressive. With its numerous chrome parts and the large bonnet, it embodies the American way of life. A truck with many functions like the bonnet and doors which open.