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Free Shipping for Orders Over $199!*

1/64 Kenworth K100 COE Flattop w/ 40' Vintage Reefer Trailer, Shaffer Trucking, DCP by First Gear Dealer Exclusive

SKU 60-1629
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Free shipping for orders over $199!* Details

Age 14+ - For display only, NOT for play

  • DCP by First Gear dealer exclusive replica
  • Die-cast metal construction
  • Rubber wheels
  • Some plastic parts
  • Poseable front wheels
  • Accurately detailed undercarriage
  • Pivoting fifth-wheel for trailer attachment
  • Functional landing gear, opening trailer doors.
  • Approximate dimensions: 10.5in L x 1.75in W x 2.8in H

The 1/64 Kenworth K100 COE Flattop with 40' Vintage Reefer Trailer, representing Shaffer Trucking, is a scaled-down replica accurately represening the design and features of a Kenworth K100 COE Flattop truck paired with a 40' vintage reefer trailer used by Shaffer Trucking. The model showcases intricate detailing, including the truck's cab, wheels, and vintage reefer trailer, making it a realistic representation of the actual vehicles used for transportation and hauling tasks.

As a First Gear Dealer Exclusive, this miniature masterpiece holds particular value for collectors and truck enthusiasts, as it offers a limited and exclusive addition to their collection. Enthusiasts can appreciate the significance of the Kenworth K100 COE Flattop and the vintage reefer trailer, making it a prized addition to any collection of toy trucks and transport-related memorabilia, proudly offered by First Gear. This captivating model allows truck enthusiasts to display and admire the iconic combination of Kenworth and Shaffer Trucking, showcasing the charm of classic trucks and their role in the transportation industry.