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Free Shipping for Orders Over $199!*
Free Shipping for Orders Over $199!*

1/16 Joskin Dumping Trailer w/ Dump Action and Lifting Tailgate

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Free shipping for orders over $199!* Details

  • Joskin tipping trailer 
  • stabilizing leg to drop 
  • tipping dump via telescopic arm to flap and fix 
    rear flap opens automatically during draining 
  • rear flap to fix in various positions 
  • corn port to open 
  • 3-axle chassis 
  • sculptured tires 
  • compatible with all TOP Pro and Pro series tractors as well as Unimogs

One of the biggest and heaviest dump trailer on the market is the 3-axle dumper of the Belgian manufacturer Joskin. This dumper is developed for the transportation of heavy loads (either up to 24 tons loading capacity or 29 qm3) and it is especially used in the fields of civil engineering and farming.
The load capacity of the dumper is rather impressive. The BRUDER model has many authentic details of the original construction series “Trans-SPACE”. As per our slogan “just like the real thing” the dumper is equipped with an upward folding dump body, whose tailboard opens automatically. The upward folded dump body can be arrested because of the tipping cylinder. Due to the 3-axle mechanism the dumper can be used on and off the road.